Review of restraint policies for Bridgend social services

BRIDGEND Council have updated social care policies within the borough this month following a review from Care Inspectorate Wales, in which action notices were issued for a number of areas.

The report which was heard by members in a monthly cabinet meeting on October 17, discussed the review, and included the development of a policy for behaviour management and the use of control and restraint within the service.

The report highlighted how the use of restrictive practices are sometimes needed in social care settings, in order to “take immediate control of a serious, significant, or dangerous situation.”

The forms of restrictive practices in the updated policy included things such as physical restraint, mechanical restraint, long term segregation, or environmental restraint.

The report read: “This policy aims to provide a clear and comprehensive account of Bridgend County Borough Council’s Social Services and Wellbeing Directorate’s approach to positive behaviour support/management and the use of restrictive practices.”

Key points under the policy highlight that “any physical intervention must be justifiable, appropriate, reasonable, and proportionate to a specific situation” adding that members of staff are to always utilise the least restrictive possible method of behaviour support, and should never to utilise a restrictive practice that involves taking an individual to the floor.

Other points included the need for appropriate training for staff, as well as the need for a debrief following any incident that involved concerning behaviour. The new policy was passed unanimously by members, and will now be put in place for all regulated care services provided by Bridgend County Borough Council.

Cllr Neelo Farr of Porthcawl East Central welcomed the report and said: “We do have to work with difficult young people and adults so it’s good to have a policy for the staff.”


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