The Cardiff road turned hotspot for fly-tipping, despite repeated calls for action

AN employee working on a Cardiff road which has been targeted by fly-tippers for years said they are sick of the reoccuring issue.

The cul de sac on Heol Y Rhosog in Llanrumney has had all sorts of rubbish, from car tyres to building materials, dumped on it for a couple of years, according to people who work there.

Despite the mess repeatedly being reported and then cleaned up by Cardiff Council, the fly-tippers keep returning to site, which is off Wentloog Avenue.

One employee, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the fly-tipping has become particularly bad over the past couple of months.

They said: “We have had punctures on the road because of this. There are nails.

“They come in on flat-bed trucks, tip up trucks, and you can see the way that it has been left. They just drive away and it all just tips off the back and then there is a trail of it.”

When asked what it has been like having to put up with the constant fly-tipping, the anonymous employee said: “You come around the corner, you see it and you go ‘oh no, not again’.

“Sometimes there are periods of three weeks where we don’t get anything and it is all okay, but lately it was literally every other day that it was being added to.”

The most recent spate of fly-tipping at the cul de sac was cleared by Cardiff Council on Thursday, May 25.

A council enforcement officer visited the site on Wednesday, May 31 and confirmed that the area is still clear.

However, the anonymous employee who spoke with the Local Democracy Reporting Service said he expects the fly-tipping to return.

They added: “I expected to see some after the bank holiday weekend, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I came in tomorrow and there is another pile dumped.”

“It is affecting quite a few of the businesses here, it is not just us.
“Why should people get away with that when we have to take our rubbish to the tip or pay for skips?”

A Cardiff Council spokesperson said: “A significant amount of fly-tipped waste was removed from this location last week and a waste enforcement officer will visit the site again, following reports that it has happened again.

“For obvious reasons, the council doesn’t disclose details relating to covert surveillance or CCTV but we do take a zero tolerance approach to anyone caught fly-tipping, and our waste enforcement team investigates all reports of fly-tipping to try and identify those responsible.

“Fly-tipping is an offence that carries a maximum unlimited fine. Very serious offences could result in a fine plus up to five years in prison. A court may also order an offender to pay costs for all removal undertaken by the council.

“If anyone spots fly-tipping, the most effective way of reporting it to us, is via our website (, or via our Cardiff Gov app. That way, we will have an exact location and all the information necessary to investigate.”

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