Cancer patient nursed back to health by cat

Alistair Heap/PA Wire

David Cryer, from Carmarthen, has shared how his 11-year-old rescue moggy helped nurse him back to health after he was left bedridden by incurable blood cancer.


David was 65 when he was diagnosed with myeloma, an incurable blood cancer which kills 3,000 people in the UK each year, back in November 2021.


By the time his cancer was caught, he was in such agony it would take him as long as an hour and half to shuffle from his bed to the bathroom.


Through it all, his 11-year-old female rescue cat, Beau, was his constant companion and “furry nurse”, gently patting him awake or nudging his nose when his breathing slowed in the middle of the night.

Beau, owned by David Cryer from Carmarthen, Wales, is announced as a finalist in the ‘Moggy Marvels’ category of this year’s Cats Protection National Cat Awards. Pic. Alistair Heap/PA Wire

To thank her for her purrfect care, David nominated Beau for the Cats Protection’s National Cat Awards.


Beau has now made it to the final, seeing off competition from 3,000 remarkable moggies.


The winners will be announced on Monday, July 17 by TV presenter and author Dawn O’Porter.

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