Police warn of increased reports of phone scammers

Dyfed-Powys Police is warning people to be on their guard after an increase in reports of attempted phone call scams in recent days.
The force received four reports on Tuesday (2 May) from people who had been targeted in the Ceredigion area.
Sadly, one of them was tricked into transferring more than £6,000.
This morning a fifth reported attempt was made, this time in Powys.
Dyfed-Powys Police Economic Crime team manager Paul Callard said: “There is a common theme from the reports we have received in that the scammers claim to be a Sgt Wiggins from Waterloo Police Station claiming to have a man named Alan Nash in custody who was found in possession of fake or cloned ID and bank cards in the victim’s name.
“The fraudsters then try to convince the victim to transfer money to an account as part of the scam, often claiming the bank is under investigation for corruption.
“This could well develop into sending a courier, who they will likely claim is a police officer, to collect the cash.
“Sadly, these are not new tactics, but it is important for us to reiterate that the police would never ask you to take out money or transfer money to an account.”
A common trick by scammers, if they are calling a landline, is to tell the recipient to dial 999 to confirm it is the police, but the line is kept open by the caller.
Mr Callard added: “If you have relatives, such as parents or grandparents, who you feel could fall victim to this scam, then please warn them.
“At the moment we are getting calls from Ceredigion and Powys, but they could try anywhere.”
Remember –
• The police will not phone you and ask you to convey details of your debit or credit card
• The police will not contact you to tell you your debit or credit card has been cloned.
• The police, or your bank, will never ask you to withdraw money or transfer it to a different account
• They will also never ask you to reveal your full banking password or PIN
• Phone a family member or friend to make sure the line has cleared and then phone 101 to report to police


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