Plans to introduce new pylon lines over Llandyfaelog met with criticism

Llandyfaelog is to become a “pylon city” under plans by Green Gen Cymru and the National Grid, according to Charlie Evans, Welsh Conservative candidate for Llanelli in the General Election.

Green Gen Cymru, a sister company of Bute Energy, is erecting 132kV overhead pylon lines as part of its Towy-Teifi and Towy-Usk projects across mid and west Wales, which is aiming to increase electricity grid capacity to power the proposed Nant Mithil onshore wind energy park in Powys. A new 400kV electricity substation is to be constructed in Llandyfaelog to meet this need.

Green Gen Cymru’s latest consultation came to Llandyfaelog Village Hall on Thursday 11th April.

Green Gen Cymru also revealed to Charlie at the consultation that National Grid are looking to construct a third additional pylon line connecting to the new substation. The new substation will be built to the east of the A484, off Upland Arms.


Charlie Evans said, “These plans are going to have a devastating impact on residents in Llandyfaelog. There is already a significant pylon line running over the Upland Arms at the moment. The Welsh Labour Government, with its extreme climate policies, are letting big energy companies ride roughshod over Llandyfaelog and Carmarthenshire.


“The cumulative impact of three new additional pylon lines is going to seriously impact residents’ house prices as well as drastically increase noise pollution. And local residents’ energy bills aren’t going to come down as a result. What’s in it for Llandyfaelog?


“Labour want to turn Llanelli into a city, and now they want to turn Llandyfaelog, a beautiful small village, into a pylon city.”


Charlie said that Llandyfaelog needs cable ploughing, instead of the pylons.


“I recognise that we need to increase grid capacity. We need to get to energy independence. But we don’t need all these new pylons in Llandyfaelog. ATP, a company based in Carmarthenshire, demonstrated last week that cable ploughing can be used to deliver the energy we need, without completely destroying the countryside.


And Charlie said residents in Carmarthenshire shouldn’t let Plaid Cymru off the hook.


“Plaid Cymru are propping up the Labour Government in Cardiff. They’ve signed up to the same policies as Labour. And the Plaid Cymru-led Carmarthenshire Council are removing the Special Landscape Areas from its planning framework. Whilst Plaid’s politicians in Carmarthenshire pretend to be against them, their actions say something very different.”


Green Gen Cymru’s latest consultation on the Towy-Usk project is open until Wednesday 8th May.

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