Rural Conservation Section undertakes work to restore valuable raised peat bog in Llanfynydd

Carmarthenshire County Council’s Rural Conservation Section has undertaken important work to help restore a valuable raised peat bog in Carmarthenshire.


Water has been seeping out of the bog on Figyn Common near Llanfynydd, therefore specialist contractors were commissioned to create a long bund in the bog to help retain the water within it. This action should increase the ability of the bog to store carbon and support valuable wildlife in the area.


Formed over thousands of years, lowland bogs are increasingly rare examples of an important peatland habitat that supports specialised and often threatened wildlife. Assumed by many as wilderness areas with little to see, a closer inspection of a lowland bog will reveal some remarkable plants, such as Cranberry and birds such as Golden Plover and, if you are very lucky, Hen Harrier.


The restoration has been funded by the Welsh Government’s Local Places for Nature biodiversity initiative.


The restoration work of the peat bog at Figyn Common aligns with the County Council’s third well-being objective, to enable our communities and environment to be healthy, safe and prosperous.


Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Decarbonisation and Sustainability – Cllr Aled Vaughan Owen said: “I would like to thank our Rural Conservation Section and contractors for carrying out this important work. The peat bog was like a bath without the plug in and water was seeping out, this bund helps ‘plug the bath’ and keep the water in.


“The conservation and enhancement of biodiversity at Figyn Common is yet another small but vital action in our response to climate change and key ecosystem services, which include flood management, pollination and clean air.”

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