Ceredigion Actif helps young woman overcome her mental health challenges

In support of Mental Health Awareness Week, here is the story of a Ceredigion resident who received support from Ceredigion County Council services to combat her mental health challenges.


At the end of 2023, going into 2024, a young woman, aged 20, faced significant challenges with her health. Debilitating joint pain left her unable to work and struggling with even the simplest tasks at home. It was not until earlier this year that she finally opened up to her family about her struggles, and told them about how challenging her mental health was proving to be.

Recognising the link between mental and physical health and determined to find a solution, her mother sought help from Paul, Health Interventions Coordinator for Ceredigion Actif, who arranged for the young woman to meet with Health Intervention staff at the Wellbeing Centre in Lampeter.


The young woman’s mother said: “The staff at the Centre went above and beyond to support my daughter. Sue and Llinos, who are Health Intervention staff, encouraged her with support and compassion, to help her overcome her anxiety, despite initial apprehension. What started out as panic attacks and tears transformed into laughter-filled gym sessions where the young woman could grow her confidence, session-by-session.”


Soon, the young woman began attending the sessions independently, without her mother, and found solace and strength in the supportive environment created by Sue, Llinos, and her fellow participants.


The young woman’s mother continued: “The impact on her mental health was profound. Social anxiety lessened, her motivation soared, and her physical health improved significantly. As a result, my daughter is now pursuing her dream of studying Psychology at university: a testament to the remarkable transformation she’s undergone.”


The young woman said: “Sue and Llinos put me completely at ease and helped me find myself again. The difference between me at the first session I attended and now is incredible. My confidence has grown immensely and these sessions have not only benefitted my physical health but also my mental health.”


Councillor Catrin M S Davies, Ceredigion’s Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Customer Services, said: “The experiences of this young woman highlights the importance of promoting physical activity as a support structure for both mental and physical health, especially among the younger generation. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that has the potential to change lives and foster resilience in challenging times. As we note of Mental Health Awareness Week, let’s remember that sometimes, the key to healing lies in the simple act of moving our bodies and connecting with others.”


For more information on Ceredigion Actif, follow them on social media: Ceredigion Actif on Facebook, and @CeredigionActif on Instagram and X (previously Twitter).


If you, or someone you know, is struggling with mental health, visit: www.ceredigion.gov.uk/resident/wellbeing-and-care/mental-wellbeing-and-substance-misuse/mental-health/ for information and support.


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