Artist brightens up corridor at Morriston Hospital

A kind-hearted artist has brightened up a Morriston Hospital corridor for free.

Ric Kane (pictured) has given the section between the emergency departments for adults and children a splash of colour.

His gesture came after a friend’s son had been treated by the Children’s Emergency Unit (CEU) following a head injury.

He offered to paint each window near the unit with its own individual theme.
On top of that, he has created individual themes for each patient bay within CEU.

Ric, 58, from Treboeth, said: “When I was at the unit, I was really impressed with the care given to my friend’s son. It was outstanding – we didn’t wait very long and all the staff were very caring.

PICTURED: Staff nurses Victoria Laurie (left) and Maitha Price in front of the painted windows along the emergency department corridor.

“I just wanted to do something to repay them for that. I noticed the windows had been painted already, but I mentioned I am an artist and designer and that I would redesign them free of charge if they were happy for that.

“So I designed the windows with a theme for each. I was asked if one could be a winter scene, so I decided to do a stag with trees and fields. The other windows have more bright colours which will hopefully put a smile on the faces of anyone passing through that area.”

The window had previously been used for promoting awareness campaigns including water safety, while it has also displayed cost of living posters.

Victoria Laurie, CEU staff nurse, said: “The paintings have really brightened up the Emergency Department corridor, and we’ve received lots of compliments from patients, visitors and staff who have passed through it.

“While hospital is not the place people want to be, Ric’s designs have put smiles on faces and for some it’s changed their focus and given them something different to look at and talk about for a short while.

“His offer to do it free of charge is hugely appreciated. We are also delighted to hear his praise of the care his friend’s son received while in CEU. Hearing positive feedback gives our staff a real boost.”

It is not the first time Ric has given up his time to help the NHS.

PICTURED: Ric also designed the windows on the bays for paediatric patients.

During the first Covid lockdown he painted designs for shops and other business premises in return for them giving a donation to NHS charities.

Ric added: “During Covid the support for the NHS was fantastic, and I did my bit by painting for businesses for free on the basis they would donate to the NHS.

“This has been the first opportunity I’ve had to help Swansea Bay University Health Board, and I’m so happy that I could do something to help put smiles on faces.”

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