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Completing the Llanelli Half Marathon: Emyr Evans

Emyr Evans from Pembrey is 38-years-old. Like many of us he lives his life on a day to day basis doing the things we all do. We all love our food and dare we say the occasional tipple. Try as we might it is not easy to keep off the dreaded couch potato syndrome and we know what that can lead to.

Emyr regularly takes part in the Llanelli Coast Park Run. He can also be found volunteering his services at Radio BGM the hospital radio station for the Prince Phillip Hospital in Llanelli.

Emyr freely admits that he was heading down the road of obesity weighing in at 33-years-of-age at 20 stone at 5ft 10 inches.

Here Emyr tells us of his journey and his steady progress to becoming a healthy and fit runner taking part in events around the country.

“It has been five years since I got back in to running. I have lost 5 stone. It was mainly my health that got me back in to running. When I first went on a weight loss journey I lost close to 6 stone. A change of jobs in 2007/08 took me to driving taxis, which was good at the time, but with hours being unsociable I was eating anything and everything. I was drinking lots of fizzy drinks.

“I got married in 2011 by then I was then close to 20 stone again. At that point I realised I needed to do something. I tried all different ways to shift the pounds again, which I found difficult. In November 2012 I hit a low point where I had a nervous breakdown and had to finish my job driving taxis. It took me a few months to get my self esteem and my confidence back.

“In January 2013 I thought I’d give something a go, which I’ve always wanted to do as a teenager, which was to become a radio presenter. I emailed a few different stations and had success with Radio Glangwili and Radio BGM. I found it helped with my depression. My wife joined Slimming World in Kidwelly early 2013. I kept putting off going as I felt my weight had started to come down slowly as I had lost 2 stone but by the summer of 2013 I decided to go ahead and join. I’m still a member now after almost 5 years. I have seen many members come and go but I’ve remained. Sue Carrot the consultant of the group has been a great support as have my family.

“I also teamed up with a friend of mine Adam Gower who in 2013 made a wish to his sister who sadly passed away 5 years ago this May with a brain tumour. He said he would run the Cardiff half marathon in her memory and raise money for the brain tumour charity.

“I joined in with him but I started to have the feel for different runs too. The last 12 months have been a huge step forward for me. I rejoined Llanelli athletic club after originally being with them 10 years previously.

“I participated in a cross country event last year and that was a big one for me. I also ran my first full marathon for the Mind charity. I have another event coming up this year. I have decided to take on my first ever ultra marathon. I was roped in to it by a fellow running friend. The distance is 50km (33 miles). I’ve decided to run it for the brain tumour charity. I’m hoping to raise as much money as I can for them.

“My current weight now is 15 stone 3lbs I’m hoping to lose another stone this year, I have also won a few awards at SlimmingWorld with Man of the year, Couple of the year and Mr Sleak.”

Radio BGM is online and you can make a request for your loved ones should they be in the hospital.

Photos:©DaiLenscap, 2018

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