Soldier, mechanic, rugby player, rocket builder, fitness model and Mum – Meet Kayleigh

IT’S International Women’s Day and Llanelli Online has found a remarkable woman in the heart of Llanelli. Meet Kayleigh Williams.

She is a wife and mother to two boys and she’s also served eight years in the British Army.

That’s not all. Kayleigh was a vehicle mechanic, pulling her overall’s on daily and then throwing on her shorts to play Rugby at the weekend.

Did we mention she played Rugby for the Army?

Whist juggling all this she was selected to work on the Bloodhound Project; a project to design and build a car that will reach speeds of 1,000mph.

She helped design and build the rocket element of the project. This lady, who according to some of the not so modern thinkers should be at home cleaning and looking after the kids has so far represented the Army at international level for Rugby, built rocket systems to help break the land speed record and served eight years in the Army.

After leaving the Army Kayleigh has become an inspiration to many as a Personal Trainer. She helps so many other ladies achieve the change they want and to become who they really want to be again.

Kayleigh is also training to compete on stage in Fitness Modelling.

When we look at what women’s roles were some 20 or 30 years ago it’s amazing to see how much society has changed and how much ground-breaking work has been achieved.

You too can meet Kayleigh with a visit to GI Joe’s place at 13 Cambrian Street. Visit the website here 

Oh. This is Joe, Kayleigh’s husband.

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