Village Pub Set to re-open

A Denbighshire village is set to have its pub reopened after councillors granted planning permission for five trendy glamping huts.

Despite complaints from residents about potential noise and loss of agricultural land, Denbighshire’s planning committee granted applicant M. Evans permission to build five ‘Rotunda Roundhouses’ on agricultural land at the Kinmel Arms pub in Llandyrnog.

During a debate at a meeting at the council’s Ruthin County Hall HQ. councillors voted in favour of the plans 24-0.

Planning officers recommended the committee granted the application, and the consensus was that a clause in the paperwork now means the camping site can only stay open as long as the pub is open.

Planning officer Paul Griffin explained.

“A loss of agricultural land is justified by the fact we can actually secure the pub coming back into use for the benefit of the village,” he said.

Cllr Huw Hilditch-Roberts proposed councillors voted in favour of the application.

“If I was standing on this committee today, reading this without the link to the pub, I would have concerns because effectively we would be taking some agricultural land and turning it into pods or whatever you want to call them, and it would have no link or security for the community,” he said.

“But for me, from reading this, my understanding is as long as the pub is open, the pods will be open. If the pub closes, the camping closes. If the pub is closed, the camping is closed. That’s what makes a difference.”

Cllr Chris Evans seconded the proposal.

“Across the whole of Denbighshire, the closure of pubs is vast (widespread),” he said.

“I have a pub in my ward that has opened after many years, the Blue Lion in Cwm, and that is now a thriving heart of the community.”

Officers explained that conditions included as part of the planning consent would ensure there were rules on levels of light spillage from the site affecting dark skies in an area of natural beauty.

They also explained noise abatement notices could be served if residents were disturbed by campers, which would most likely be couples– each hut will have one bedroom and a sofa bed for use for families.

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