Missing voices at hotel and developers who go under the radar

It has been interesting to say the least to follow events at the Stradey Park Hotel. From the outset we here at Carmarthenshire Towers smelt a rat. We have chased down enough rodents to know when something just ain’t right.

Even back in 2020,West Wales Review was also sounding the warnings about dodgy companies and investments. It really does seem like the only time a journalist wakes up in Llanelli apart from the seasoned old codgers ( I count myself as one) is when the horse has bolted already. Why listen to investigative journalists when your local paper is offering the ten best places for your cat to get a ‘catuccino’.

We also highlighted the influx of rather unsavoury elements who fanned the flames of hate and continue to direct like Mussolini’s hench men of old. It is the ugly side of humanity and one wonders why such hatred exists within any human being.

We have covered the story from the first announcements to the last few days and we have attempted to provide a platform for the differing views. It has not been like some of the self proclaimed social media wannabe TV news anchormen and women talking drivel into a phone to like (ever so small) minded people. You know the type I am sure. Constantly looking at Youtube videos or conspiracy channels and asking if you knew such and such about chem trails being sprayed from G5 masts paid for by Mark Drakeford and lethal vaccines being delivered by fake nurses who work for Bill Gates who is funding boat people to take over Europe and force the UK back into the EU. Of course it is all true and it is all done in the best POSSIBLE taste.

If you happen to take a different view there really is only one of course, theirs, you can expect to feel the wrath of the army of trolls they keep as friends, Facebook only of course. This applies to whichever camp you want to dump it in. The left the right and up the centre. In the good old days circa Griff Rhys Jones and Mel Smith it was the odd ball and know all gob of the pub who held court and spouted forth the crap like a state of the art sh**e spreader, the one your parents would warn you about and the one usually sitting in a pool of saliva and vomit by the end of the night still muttering about incomers and Great Britain.

We have heard a lot of voices and that has nothing to do with the tablets I am currently taking for reasons best kept private. And no, they are not blue. The voices have varied from the different camps. Stand in any spot used by the public long enough and listen and you will hear them. Conversations, which beggar belief. Lies, untruths, fantasy, fiction, fake news, call it what you will. The danger is that it spreads and the irony is that these people who believe absolutely in what they are pontificating on have no trust whatsoever in the media. They are the media and their story and only their story matters and has any substance or truth. They will continually accuse anyone offering an alternative opposite view of having been brainwashed or in the pay of the government who in turn are said to be dictators. The sad truth is that this element of society is on the increase. Pseudo concerned individuals unchallenged and encouraged become dictators themselves.

Virtue signalling is another social ill, which seems to be on the rise. Stick this badge on yer profile pic, shove these colours on yer mast and join the victim culture club. The touch paper was lit some time ago and those with the matches know who they are and what they are about and mark our words they will disappear as quickly as they and their union jacks arrived. It leaves a very bitter taste in the mouths of locals who, if you listen, offered a very sensible alternative to the plans by those naughty civil servants over the bridge. The politicians only add to the theatre and offer themselves as sitting ducks for the keyboard warriors. Did we see or hear the same vociferous protests when developers were given approval for a couple of thousand more homes in Carmarthenshire? Would the pressure on services not be stretched by so many new families coming into the county into villages where services were already stretched? Did anyone check to see if any of them had criminal records? The developers are asked to pay a token amount to fund a small park which inevitably gets closed down by the council and built over before you can say witches hat. The developers would go under the radar were it not for some media investigative research.

There are of course those who shout nazi at every turn. Try and have an argument with the far left climate change cyclist protection league (cats have gone down the list) and you will inevitably lose the argument when they use the word nazi; no not the 70s game where you roll the dice, that’s Yahtzee.  There is no coming back from that. Just start up that annoying gas guzzler, comfort yourself with a rare steak and read a few pages of that original authentic history book before it ends up on the woke bonfire. Somewhere in between this madness lies reason. If you find it please let us know.

There are voices we don’t hear in all of this noise. We can stop and listen but we still will not hear the voices. They are in transit, walking for miles crossing dangerous territory.

They are clambering into boats uncertain, whether or not they will survive the day or night. We know all to well that hundreds have not survived from the bodies of men women and children washed up on beaches. They are often taken advantage of parting with everything they own, all their papers and doing so in the hope that they will find a better place, a better life for their children. Perhaps they are misguided in their hope and have failed to understand that the civilised west is not so civilised when it comes to humanity. Like lepers of old they are fastened with the bells of labels. Thieves, paedophiles and diseased. We all know our history and we all know where this kind of rhetoric was used to its fullest and most vile. It has no place in civilised Llanelli. Stand still long enough and listen and you might just hear those missing voices.


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