Top Ten Hits for the FAB 20’s

It never rains but it pours. We live in Wales after all, bordered by water, criss crossed by rivers and dotted with lakes and waterfalls you’d think that by now those people behind the door labelled Intelligence Unit for Climate Change Solutions would have realised that you can generate energy perfectly well by pushing high volumes of water through pipes to run turbines. Forgive me for raising my hand but when all the water runs high through rivers spilling out into people’s properties, could not that water have been channelled using levys, barriers, and lagoons which would also serve as additional water supplies and leisure venues when the weather turns hot?

Now I don’t profess to have all the answers to all the problems we as mugs (the electorate) have come to experience over the last 20 years or so during the halcyon days of the Cardiff Club. I do however have ideas, some mad I grant you but that is what ideas are sometimes until someone with great ability gets hold of them and turns them into something that works.

The idea to plant 89 million trees is a mad idea but one which we will run with for now. History notes that to date we have seen the decimation of a number of species of trees from diseases unpredicted and often unpronounceable. Take the latest visitor Phytophthora pluvialis. Phytophthora species are microscopic, fungus-like organisms. Pluvialis translates as ‘rainwater’. So there you have it. Trees are now under attack in Wales from microscopic fungus like organisms which can be contained in rainwater. We don’t get much of that in these ere parts do we?

Now I hate to be the harbinger of doom Lord knows there are plenty of them on our screens and radios each day known as ‘newsreaders’. On the other hand, there is something quite troubling with a plan to plant 89 million trees in Wales at a cost one would assume is astronomical and at a time when mother nature is saying, ‘I have a plan for them there trees and it ain’t what you predicted’.

Of course your damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Who’d be a climate change know all eh? You stick your head up and out of the blue an environmentally friendly packaged, organic coconut hits you on the swede (no pun intended Greta).

These editorials are meant to empty my swede into a biodegradable recycling bag sent to goodness knows where to be disposed of. I am sure that someone somewhere is processing them as we speak. The aim if there is one is to just throw a Welsh pebble into that lake of plenty known to and accessible to some and gently make some sound waves, which if I am lucky will reach those mysterious rooms labelled Minister for ……. etc etc.

I won’t delude myself into believing that anything I write is given any form of consideration serious or otherwise by the powers that be. All I know and it isn’t very much, is that the issues facing the people of Wales today, tomorrow and the year after will be food, clothing, heat, jobs, health, education and a whole heap of other ones in that top ten countdown of contemporary pop songs for the 20’s, no not the 1920’s things were great then, the 2020’s.

And topping the charts for the FAB 2020’s the ‘Must Have Hits’;
1. Can’t Buy Me Food
2. Saving All My Coupons For You
3. (no) Holiday
4. (no) Brass In Pocket
5. Hungry Like The Kids
6. I want to Know What Cash is
7. (I’ve Had) The Worse Time of My Life
8. Take My House Away
9. Dancing In The Dark
10. Borrow Some Sugar On Me

The Fab Four in Better Economic Days when Joe Soap could afford a week in Tenby

Pic. EMI., Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

If you are one of the lucky ones to have a salary of £100k plus with expenses then none of this will mean anything to you. If you happen to be one of the lesser paid on £65k plus expenses then you might just have a wry smile (then again, it could be wind). If you are on a salary of £25k plus expenses you might scratch your head. If you are like a large number of people on £18k and less then you might just pick up a pen or phone or tap an email out and start asking questions of those you elect to ripoffresent you (an all encompassing phrase for your next game of Wordle).

I will close with a lovely photo gallery of the expenses for your MS on top of their £65k + salaries.


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