Bont’s Tina Turner Tribute Pauline heads for Welsh Regional Entertainment Awards

Pontarddulais or ‘The Bont’ is not a huge place. It has one main high street, which has become known as the wedding capital of Carmarthenshire. Not because there are so many weddings but because there are so many shops dealing with whatever one needs to get married. 

Every good wedding should have a great after party and what or who better to have to get things going than Tina Turner, not the dimunitive ultra fit, incredibly talented American songstress but Bont’s own Pauline Kaytanua Wood, Tina’s tribute. 

Not only does Pauline cover Tina’s catalogue of hits but she also performs as Dame Shirley Bassey and Freddie Mercury (without a moustache Pauline is keen to add). To top it all Pauline has qualified for the Welsh Regional Entertainment Awards.

We Interviewed Pauline ahead of her trip to the Welsh Regional Entertainment Awards in February of 2023. This is what she had to say:

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