Crime down but anti social behaviour complaints up in Dyfed-Powys Police area says PCC

POLICE and Crime Commissioner Dafydd Llywelyn has said that one of the positives to come out of the lockdown measures is that there has been a reduction in night time economy crime including violence against the person, but that complaints about anti social behaviour have increased.

The Police and Crime Commissioner spoke to Wales News Online about his role during the crisis and his views on the extended lockdown period.

He welcomed the extension of lockdown and talked about the way in which the police are patrolling Wales and issuing fines. He also raised concerns about the divisive nature of some online messages regarding people travelling to Wales.

The main points of the interview were:

  • Agreed with lockdown extension and agrees with some easement measures.
  • Further lifting of measures in a few weeks time
  • Working remotely from home managing home schooling and social distancing
  • Positions of nations perplexed at English perspective on reduction of reduction
  • Made contributions in meetings with welsh government and policing minister in UK government.
  • Weekly meeting with deputy first minister and with all police commissioners and chief constables across Wales.
  • Force working on phased approach to implementing lockdown measures
  • 1,000 tickets (fines) issued over a few weeks
  • Half issued to people outside of Dyfed-Powys area
  • Concerned about divisive messages online re English people coming to Wales
  • Restricting movements problematic
  • Has manpower to enforce restrictions
  • Tourism hotspots targeted by police
  • Wales welcomes people after restrictions
  • Second home issue raised its head and cause community tensions
  • Crime reduction significant but anti social behaviour complaints up
  • Domestic violence victims not alone and should contact police as usual
  • Concerned about child sexual exploitation online during crisis

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