Welsh Parliament made up of political parties operating as ‘Cartel’ claims McEvoy

The renaming of the Welsh Assembly to Welsh Parliament has done nothing to boost the confidence that Neil McEvoy MS has in the institution.

In an interview with Wales News Online on Tuesday (May 12) the outspoken and often controversial politician referred to the Welsh Parliament as an institution made up of political parties operating as a ‘cartel’ and said that the media, specifically the BBC and national newspapers were not interested in reporting on real issues.

Mr McEvoy was highly critical of the Presiding officer at the Welsh Parliament and said that Elin Jones ‘doesn’t even pretend to be even handed’.

He likened Plaid Cymru to a ‘Ponzi Scheme’.

Mr McEvoy said that there was huge lack of transparency in Welsh Government.

The main points of the interview were:

  • Don’t want to be associated with politicians in Cardiff Bay
  • Handling of COVID-19 disastrous
  • Mass testing has to take place
  • Should have traced, tested and isolated and closed airports
  • Needed to close borders in Wales
  • People will pour into second homes and into tourist areas
  • Disconnect between people at top and people on ground
  • Friends tell me they are not protected in health settings
  • Mark Drakeford needs a deputy, he has clearly not coped
  • Drakeford has no confidence and has flip flopped all over the place
  • Don’t have ability to test en masse
  • Government complete negation of responsibility
  • Manufacturers in Wales furlough staff because they have not been utilised
  • We could have used crisis in positive sense and put people back to work
  • Mistakes have cost people’s lives
  • Sick of politicians blaming other people, time to take responsibility
  • WNP will gain seats in Senedd elections
  • 50% of people in Wales disengaged from politics
  • Organisations in Wales receiving huge amounts of cash
  • Not in their interests to solve problem of homelessness
  • Homeless people have huge bag of money around their necks
  • Presiding officer doesn’t even pretend to be even handed
  • Being run by overtly prejudiced people
  • Welsh Parliament not working for Wales
  • I am only MS who crosses road to go into Butetown
  • Welsh Parliament is vile place to work
  • Plaid like a Ponzi Scheme
  • Media far too cosy with government

You can listen to the interview here:







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