Kidwelly Full Council Tuesday 5 December 2023

After apologies, declarations of interest and confirmation of minutes, the council discussed the County Councillor Crish Davies’s report.  The report had been circulated earlier that day although not all town councillors had received a copy.

The council discussed the flooding of properties in Ferry Road.  Some major works have now commenced, however it was feared by some that these might not be major enough.  A community group has been formed, and the need for a more cohesive approach of the residents group, the County Councillors and the Town Councillors was agreed.  There are apparently 5 ancient wells around Kidwelly, showing on historical maps, and the possibility of locating and opening these to take the surplus rainfall in the winter and to act as a reserve in the dry summers was raised.  Also discussed was the proposal from a resident to divert the excess water to the river.

The reduction of the number of buses is still a major concern to residents.  Coupled with the unreliability of the already poor service provided by First Cymru, with buses not turning up, breaking down, and travellers told to alight before their stops. Councillors heard that  this is causing real problems for those needing to get to and from work, school and college.  Further the Senedd have conferences on the Night Time Economy yet Kidwelly has very poor transport links to enable this.

It was discussed that more pressure is needed but from more parties, and this should be taken to both the County Council and to the Senedd.  Particularly with the latter’s objectives of the reduction of emissions when public transport should be encouraged, yet cuts to services and a generally poor service from First Cymru means these targets are unachievable in Kidwelly and Mynyddygarreg.  Assurances are needed about the 198 service, as without this, many residents would be entirely cut off and isolated, and they are already very worried about this.

The poor WIFI around the town was discussed, the two boxes originally installed by Telemat are not maintained are are now quite old.  Kidwelly is a member of Carmarthenshire Connected Communities, and the possibility of obtaining funds for new boxes from that group was queried.

Princess Gwenllian Centre reported successful recent events including the Christmas fair on Sunday, and  the centre is currently within budget.

Mynyddygarreg Hall reported their busiest fireworks night, and the popularity of the Friday Night bar.  A quiz night, and regular Bingo nights are currently being planned.

The Kidwelly Christmas Lights Switch On and the Fireworks Night in Mynyddygarreg were reported as being very popular, successful and had excellent feedback.  The Councillors expressed their gratitude to the hard work and commitment of the volunteers, all of whom are to be written to individually, and some of whom are serving councillors.

The budget was agreed, it was emphasised that the increase was below inflation at 5%, and Councillors were reminded that last year the increase had been 0%.  This means that there have been cuts both years.

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