Llwyddiant Cylch Meithrin Felinfoel success

Safonau Serennog (Star Standard) is Mudiad Meithrin’s Quality Standard Scheme. The Safonau Serennog scheme is designed to encourage cylchoedd to develop, innovate and raise the quality and standard of their services to young children and families with standards at three different levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Leanne Marsh, Head of Services Development at Mudiad Meithrin, said:

“The Safonau Serennog scheme is a journey. The intention is to give Cylchoedd Meithrin, Day Nurseries and Cylchoedd Ti and Fi the opportunity to move along the path towards the highest standard of all.”

Celebrating Mary Billington, Cylch Meithrin Felinfoel’s Leader said:

“It is a privilege and an honour to receive the award for the second time this year as recognition of all the hard work of the Nursery staff and committee who work hard together as one big family, for the benefit of the children of the community and beyond.”


The Bronze Star standard carries the status of a special standard in its own right, as that confirms the right to carry the name and status of ‘Cylch Meithrin’ and the expectations regarding the language policy of the Cylch Meithrin. Each Cylch Meithrin therefore possesses a Bronze Star Standard.

The aim of Mudiad Meithrin, and therefore the aim for all who call themselves ‘Cylch Meithrin’, is to provide the highest quality Welsh-medium service to all children regardless of their needs and background. It must be remembered that a standard is an enduring thing and therefore not a one-off stamp of approval. Each Cylch Meithrin is therefore expected to follow a continuous process of self-evaluation, learning, adaptation, and seeking improvement, and then start the process all over again.

The Silver Star Standard is the second quality standard. This is awarded to cylchoedd that demonstrate excellence that are above the bronze standard. It usually takes at least six months for the group to collect materials containing a plethora of videos, photos and documents to illustrate the group’s special work in order to submit a full portfolio to the quality panel. The panel will then go through the portfolio in detail before awarding Cylch Meithrin the Silver Star in recognition that they provide a very high standard of service.


And then there’s the Gold Star Standard, which is the highest standard. The Gold Star standard is awarded to cylchoedd that provide service of the highest possible standard and above the Bronze and Silver standard requirements. A Cylch that is awarded the Gold Star is leading and innovative and is known by Mudiad Meithrin as providing the highest standard of care and education. Gold Star standard cylchoedd are examples of excellence and good practice and that in itself will carry special prestige.


Leanne Marsh said:

“The Inspectors enjoyed their visit to Cylch Meithrin Felinfoel and there has been high praise which is testament to the hard work of the district’s staff, families and committee. Furthermore, Cylch Meithrin Felinfoel is the first cylch in Wales to receive the Gold star standard for the second time in a row.”

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