Kidwelly Town Council discusses becoming a ‘smart town’

Kidwelly Town Council held their monthly Full Council Meeting on Tuesday (Apr 9).

During the meeting, John Mayne was co-opted as a new councillor.

County Cllr Lewis presented his report which included news of some progress in making Kidwelly a Smart Town.

A smart town is an urban area that uses different types of electronic methods and sensors to collect data. Insights gained from that data are used to manage assets, resources, and services efficiently; in return, that data is used to improve operations and future prosperity across the town (as described by on their website).  Cardigan Town is to be used as a model for Kidwelly.


Cllr Lewis also reported that the County Council intends to introduce car parking charges for Station Road and Glan Yr Afon within 12 months.  Meetings are being arranged to discuss this proposal, and it was agreed that the Town Council would write to the County Council to object on the grounds of congestion and parking issues outside residents’ homes along the nearby streets.


There was no update regarding the old Town Hall, and still some uncertainty regarding its listed status.  An internet search showed the original listing was dated 24 May 1977. There is a suggestion a new listing may be being sought.  There was no information as to whether the proposed works would comply with any listing, the original, or a possibly proposed new, which was of some concern to councillors.


Whilst Carmarthenshire County Councillor has a Youth Service Manager, they do not seem to have been involved with Kidwelly, other than possibly some involvement in 2018 when the old youth hut was condemned.  A youth council has been formed in the town, and the members are keen to meet with the Town and County Councils to discuss proposals, one having been made by the Princess Gwenllian Centre to act as a base with a peripatetic youth worker covering Kidwelly and surrounding villages.


The Town Clerk presented her report and advised that the work on St Mary’s Church clock is due to commence on 1 May 2024.


Other matters included reference to the progress of the redevelopment of the town square – the estates manager to meet to cover the intended repositioning of the bus shelter as per the original plans, as that didn’t look to be happening in the works as they are at present.


The community hall representatives updated the councillors – Mynyddygarreg is looking for funding for refurbishments to include a community shop and some museum space to include Silver Band items.


The plans by the welfare committee for the upcoming Kidwelly Carnival on Saturday 13th July 24 are well underway.  Traditionally there has been a disco to select a carnival queen, but as recent years have been poorly attended, it was suggested that the disco might be rebranded as a Carnival Selection Dance – and rather than a traditional queen, that a Child Community Champion might be a more modern and popular alternative.

The disco is to be held at the Princess Gwenllian Centre on 3rd May 24.


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