Cawdor Cars kindness keeps foodbank supplies flowing

CAWDOR Cars have made an extraordinarily kind donation of a new van for organisers of a Llanelli foodbank to continue collecting much needed supplies.

Kevin Davies of Cawdor Cars handed the van over to a delegation of councillors and the foodbank today, Thursday (Apr 18) at Parc y Scarlets said: In attendance were Bill and Ellen Chapman from Myrtle House, Claire Childs coordinator of the foodbank, Cllr Deryk Cundy, Cllr Dot Jones, Cllr Rob James, Cllr Rob Evans, Rev Sulin Milne and Rev Eldon Phillips.

Kevin said: “The community has been very supportive of us and so we thought it was only right that we give something back.”

Cllr Rob Evans who is coordinating pick up points in Dafen said: Cawdor Cars are helping the people of Llanelli. The food bank is very important to people who are in need. The foodbank is at Myrtle House and they do some amazing work there. The van will be used to collect from pick up points. The van is an essential part of the great work being done by Bill, Ellen and Claire who are instrumental in running the foodbank.

Bill Chapman said: “We host the foodbank at Myrtle House and we hope to work with local people to keep the foodbank stocked. This van will play a very important part in our work.”

Claire said: “There is a real need in the community. Poverty is a massive issue. It is a growing need. We turnover around 2.5 tonnes of food per month. There is a big mix of people who visit the foodbank. One young man picked up a bag for his grandparents. People may feel they are at risk of being stigmatised but we are very discreet and they needn’t worry.”

Rev Sulin Milne and Rev Eldon Phillips were also at the handover. Reverend Sulin said: “It as always been this way but these days we have things in place to support people.”

Rev Eldon Phillips said: “People are quite proud. They don’t want to put people out. Desperate is an emotive word. People have needs and to supply that need as this wonderful van will do is tremendous. Ray Gravell was a man of the people so it is quite fitting that we have the handover here in front of Grav’s statue.”

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