Dutch man seeks members of Thomas family from Abergwili

Dear Editor


My name is René Poerstamper, and I live in Middelburg, in the Netherlands.

In 2018 I have adopted  4 WW2- war graves. In the Netherlands we can do so to pay our respect to those who paid the highest price, their lives, for our freedom.

When you have adopted a grave, you’re expected to visit the grave regularly. On our annual national day of remembrance, may 4th, I do bring flowers, on Christmas Eve.. candles are placed on the graves.

There are many adopts who start a search for descendants of the victims whose graves they have adopted. Quite often they succeed in finding relatives… and the contact is often highly appreciated by them.


I have decided to try and find relatives of “my” ww2-war heroes.

The 4 victims were all-in a Boston III bomber that got hit by flak over Vlissingen on January 23rd 1943. The plane crashed and all four died. They are buried at the Northern Cemetery in Vlissingen.


I am in contact now with families of 2 of the 4 members. But so far I have not been able to trace the

families of the other 2 victims.


I am still looking for relatives of Mr. Thomas.


This is the link to the registration page:




Recently I received a document which tells me more about where mr. Thomas came from.

Family of Mr. Evans ( one of the 2 famililes I found) sent me a document containing the copy of an article from a local paper.


Please read the attachted article, because it tells about the service that has been held in the Ebenezer Chapel of Abergwili in which he was remembered.


With this additonal information I might be possible to find relatives of this war-hero.


So thats my question: can you please help me, or do you know who to contact, in order to reach this goal.


In advance..thank you very much for paying attention to this email.


I do sincerely hope that you can help me.


If you need additional information..don’t hesitate to contact me.


My apologies for my poor english !


Kind regards.




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