Llanelli Conservative candidate accuses Welsh Labour of spreading misinformation

Charlie Evans, Welsh Conservative candidate for Llanelli in the General Election, has accused Welsh Labour of spreading “misinformation” when talking about the NHS in Wales, as the General Election campaign enters its third week.


Voters across Wales and the United Kingdom will go to the polls on Thursday 4th July to elect 650 new Members of Parliament, which will in turn decide who will form the next UK Government.


Charlie, an NHS worker, has said voters in Llanelli and Wales should remember Welsh Labour’s record on the NHS when casting their vote on the 4th July.


“The Labour candidate in Llanelli, and Labour candidates right across Wales are trying to pretend they haven’t been governing Wales on a whole host of issues for the last 25 years. Maybe that’s why Sir Keir Starmer is busing in candidates from London to stand in Welsh constituencies. Eluned Morgan, the Welsh Labour Health Minister holds up signs saying ‘Modernise our NHS’, trying to pretend they are not in charge.


“I am proud to work for the NHS in Wales. Every day, I turn up to work to make a difference for patients and colleagues in Llanelli and the length and breadth across Wales. But I cannot just sit idly by when Welsh Labour spreads this misinformation.


“Welsh Labour’s ‘modernising our NHS’ looks like closing down the A&E in Prince Philip Hospital. It looks like trying to do the same to Glangwili Hospital. It looks like ambulances queueing outside hospitals for hours. And it looks like finding it nearly impossible to see the GP.”


Charlie has been challenged as to why he is campaigning on the NHS, a devolved issue, in a General Election. But he said as Llanelli’s MP, he will stand up for constituents on all issues, not just Westminster ones.


“What matters to local people, matters to me. I will be an active MP representing constituents on a whole host of issues. And I will use my NHS experience to get results for local people. In the short-term, I am calling on Prince Philip Hospital’s Minor Injuries Unit to be fully resourced at all times and always doctor-led, for Glangwili’s A&E to be safeguarded, and calling on the money set to be spent on building a new superhospital to be instead invested in Prince Philip and Glangwili’s crumbling infrastructure.


“I want to see a new operating model for our GP practices, scrapping the 8am Phonecall Lottery and managing this through the GP contract, and enabling all patients to be able to book appointments electronically for weeks in advance.


“I am the person to provide strong local leadership for Llanelli. I hope voters will lend me their vote on the 4th of July.”


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