Polish War Memorial to be erected at Llanelli Town Hall

Carmarthenshire County Council has approved a request Llanelli Town Council to erect a Polish War Memorial in the grounds of Llanelli Town Hall, in remembrance of the Polish Veterans who served in World War 2.

The memorial will be funded and maintained by a voluntary organisation.

Llanelli Town Hall sites other memorials for War Veterans including Burma Star Royal Air Force Association and Royal Naval Association Welsh Guards.


In approving the application to erect the memorial, Cabinet Member for Resources – Cllr Alun Lenny said:


“This recognises the fact that thousands of Polish people have been part of the community in the Llanelli area for many years, and that their nation’s pilots played a key role in the Battle of Britain.


“The 145 pilots of two Polish squadrons who flew RAF Hurricanes claimed the highest number of enemy aircraft shot down of any other squadron in that decisive aerial battle against the Nazi threat to invade the UK. Their contribution was crucial.


“Seven Polish pilots who died during the Second World War are buried at Pembrey, and tribute was paid to them at a moving ceremony in Llanelli on Remembrance Day last year.


“Should the worse happen and Ukraine lose the present war, Poland will feel threated by Russian expansionism, so this memorial to past heroes should also be a sign of our solidarity in Carmarthenshire with them.”


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