Public invited to attend Llanelli Mayor Making ‘virtually’

The new leader of Llanelli Town Council has begun his term with a new broom or rather the use of Facebook to offer Llanelli residents and those further afield the opportunity to attend the Mayor Making event live on Facebook. 

Cllr David Darkin said: “Llanelli Town Council will broadcast the event live on Facebook, allowing a glimpse into the mayoral chamber.

“Improving public engagement is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Being able to watch the Mayor Making online is just the first step”

The town council has further plans to improve public engagement for future council meetings, including an agenda item for public questions. Members of the public are invited to participate by contacting the clerk on

We asked Cllr Darking if he was considering broadcasting the council meetings or allowing the press to attend virtually and he replied: “I think that this is one of the good things to come out of the past two years. Video conferencing technology has been normalised in councils and I think the concerns that some councillors or officers may have had is subsiding. I’m keen not to promise anything I can’t deliver, so all I’ll say for now is that this is very much the direction of travel that I would like to see.”

The ‘virtual’ Cllr Phillip Warlow

Cllr Phillip Warlow will be sworn in as Llanelli Town Mayor at 6pm on Wednesday 18th May.

A link to the event will be posted on the Town Council’s Facebook page. 


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