Seren’s light plays part in dramatic rescue during her mammoth charity mountain climbing adventure

Seren Isla Price at only 5 years of age (From Llanelli, South Wales) started out with the aim of completing the national 3 Peaks within 24hrs and in what started out as a charity challenge and an attempt for her to become the youngest girl to complete a challenge of this nature took a heroic turn.

Seren braved winter conditions worse than me (her farther who is a qualified mountain leader) have ever seen but completed all 3 mountains in 47.5 hours becoming the youngest girl to have completed this challenge in under 48hrs and also the youngest girl to have completed an extreme winter charity challenge of this nature. In doing so she raised £725 for her chosen charity supporting sick children (Birmingham Children’s Hospital).

The reason this challenge took a little longer than expected was because Seren and myself played an integral life saving part in a mountain rescue operation which resulted in a young lady being airlifted off Ben Nevis. Just as we reached the summit of Ben Nevis braving through the snow, high winds, sleet, fog and freezing winter conditions we saw a young couple guiding a lady from the top of the mountain.

On asking what the issue was, it came to light that the lady (from London) was not prepared and fatigued. At this point mountain rescue was called and with the daylight fading me and Seren provided torch light to help the couple guide the lady back down the hill to the point the air ambulance could land. Seren also gave the lady her Lucozade to give the lady needed energy. Once we could see mountain rescue flashing SOS torch signals from a lower level me and Seren went on to see them and give them directions to meet the lady (passing other walkers who came to help to walk the lady down to the helicopter). As one of the gentlemen said that we met on the hill “Seren is an amazing little girl”.

We are totally proud of our little girl with her kind nature and always wanting to help others. She dreams of becoming a doctor and on the hill realising she had already been braving these challenging winter conditions for over 6hrs at the time I asked her if she wants to help or get off the mountain, she chose to stay (saying “this is my job to help people”). Me being an ex-firefighter this is second nature to me but for her to think like this really takes words from me!!!

With this rescue we were delayed on our original goals but we were just happy to see a happy ending to what could have been a tragic story as was the case with another gentleman who due to an avalanche in the same vicinity as this rescue lost his life the following night. It puts the harsh reality of the risks these mountains pose this time of the year. However, after calling in for a quick stop at McDonalds in Fort William to warm Seren up we proceeded on to complete the challenge braving conditions unique to each mountain!!!

She is so chuffed she has completed this challenge and with the tremendous support we have had with sponsorship and kind words throughout the challenge!

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