RNLI Port Talbot’s first tasking of 2023 to person in the water

In heavy rain, darkness and cold conditions, with crew hoping for a good night’s sleep in preparation for their first day back in work after the festivities, the pager sounded.

In an amazing demonstration of volunteer commitment, turnout was both prompt and in excellent numbers. Even at this unsocial time of the night, boat crew were changed swiftly while shore crew prepared launch equipment within minutes of the pager sounding.

Pic. RNLI/Ceri Jeffries

It is at times like this that the 3948 hours of training in 2022 culminate in everyone knowing exactly what needs to be done, even when moments earlier they were deeply asleep.

As crew were preparing to launch, they learned that the casualty was in the care of South Wales Ambulance paramedics. This information was relayed to HM Coastguard who made the decision to stand down our crew.

Rachel Thomas Duty Launch Authority stated, ‘Due to poor conditions and liaison with other agencies, the decision was made for crew to assemble on immediate readiness.

‘HM Coastguard were very happy with our response and wished us a good sleep and happy new year.

‘We work closely with our local police and this showed in this excellent multi-agency response and outcome.

I’m very proud of our volunteer crew who are willing to turn up and go to sea in awful conditions, regardless of time of day or night, to assist a complete stranger and our local emergency services’.


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