Voice of Wales signal election challenge warning to Llanelli politicians

Voice of Wales hosts Dan Morgan and Stan Robinson have issued a warning to the local politicians in Llanelli that their days are numbered in politics and that they face a challenge at local and national elections. Robinson is set to stand for the Llanelli Westminster seat under the UKIP party banner. Mr Robinson believes that the way in which the two politicians who represent Llanelli at the Senedd and Westminster responded to the plans to house 300 asylum seekers at the Stradey Park Hotel will be instrumental in their downfall.

Dame Nia Griffith MP and Lee Waters MS have been heavily criticised for their perceived lack of presence at the protest and their responses to commentators online.

Voice of Wales have also been criticised for their approach to the media and to the Furnace Action Committee headed by Robert Lloyd. Voice of Wales suggest that Mr lloyd has not been transparent over a large sum of money gathered to support legal costs incurred in defence of the plans by the Home Office and the hotel owners. To date none of the trustees of the Go Fund Me account have been named by Mr Lloyd who denies all allegations of wrongdoing.

The Voice of Wales Duo reject the claim that they are a far right organisation and state that they do not belong to any far right groups. They suggest that it is a label used to try and discredit their efforts in the fight to stop the Home Office plans. Both stated that it was the local people and their long term sit in at the hotel entrance, which made the Home Office and owners concede and that the Furnace Action Committee’s efforts had no bearing on the successful outcome.

Martin Shipton of Nation Cymru has written a piece on Voice of Wales in which he labels them Far Right Extremists and alleges that Dan Morgan has changed his name to Dan Vow, an allegation Mr Morgan rejects.

Shipton points out that YouTube removed two channels jointly run by Morgan and Robinson because of their racist content. Welsh politicians and race equality groups have condemned the Voice of Wales channel for airing interviews with The Proud Boys, an American far-right group that has been outlawed in Canada, and controversial figures such as former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson. The YouTube channel has been labelled “racist” and accused of expressing “foul” and “unacceptable” language and ideas. Videos featuring the group have been removed by YouTube, with advertising prevented on others. Voice of Wales said it gave a voice to people who were not represented by the mainstream media.

The YouTube account was terminated for breaching the platform’s terms of service. A second YouTube account, also set up, was also removed. They recently interviewed the controversial former UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom.

Speaking to Carmarthenshire News online today the pair gave an interview in which they addressed a number of allegations about Voice of Wales and allegations they have made about Robert lloyd, the Furnace Action Committee, Dyfed-Powys Police, Nia Griffith MP, Lee Waters MS, The Media and Carmarthenshire County Council.

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