Age Cymru Dyfed Host a Rare Celebration of our Greatest Generation for Veterans of WW2

On 4 October 2023, there was a celebration of perhaps the largest number of surviving members of WW2 in Wales to date who collectively attended an event at Myddfai Community Hall and Visitor Centre near Llandovery in Carmarthenshire.

Across the day, Age Cymru Dyfed’s veterans project hosted over 20 surviving veterans and their children, coming together to enjoy the day, share their important stories, enjoy music and watch a film, produced by Age Cymru Dyfed, to further preserve our history.

Lord-Lieutenant of Dyfed Miss Sara Edwards welcomed the WW2 Veterans, ‘Children’ of WW2, their relatives, carers and guests. The day included a short film produced by Age Cymru Dyfed Volunteer (and RAF veteran) Steve Munro in which, some of those who experienced the war as ‘children’ spoke about their recollections of the War. There was also a talk by Greg Lewis. Producer of ITV Wales ‘Greatest Generation’. Lest We Forget. Filming the Stories of the Veterans’, followed by a community rendition of Calon Lan.

Hugh Morgan Veterans project lead at Age Cymru Dyfed said;

This was a rare opportunity to celebrate with surviving members of WW2 Veterans including those from the The Royal Navy, The Army, and Bletchley Park staff. Children of WW2 also attended. Across the group over 20 veterans and children of veterans in all. Group members included several wartime evacuees, three veterans of the Korean War, …of Malaya, …of Suez, and one veteran who served on Christmas Island at the time of the Nuclear Bomb test.”

Simon Wright, CEO of Age Cymru Dyfed said;

“I am delighted we were able to celebrate the lives of our greatest generation at Age Cymru Dyfed. These stories need preserving and their service celebrating, lest we forget.”

If you are a veteran or know of any veterans that need supporting please get in touch with Age Cymru Dyfed by emailing or by ringing the main contact centre number 03333 447874. Further information on the Age Cymru Dyfed veterans project is also available at

Lt Col Charles Carter with WW2 OAH veteran Idwal Davies. Myddfai


Owen Dobson and Neil DaviesOwen Dobson and Neil Davies

D-Day Veteran Richard Peltzer from Swansea. Myddfai.

Hugh Morgan with Neville Bowen

Owen Dobson with Brian Wilkins Gordon Davies and Maxine Beynon

Gordon Davies from Llanelli being presented by with the Nuclear Test Medal by the Veterans Commissioner and Lord-Lieutenant. Gordon’s daughter Maxine Beynon. WW2 Veterans Celebration.

Dyfed.Veterans Commissioner for Wales Col James Phillips presentation to the WW2 Veterans Celebration

WW2 Royal Navy Veteran Neville Bowen with the Veterans Commissioner Age Cymru Dyfed.WW2 Royal Navy Veteran Neville Bowen with the Veterans Commissioner

WW2 Veterans Celebration. Myddfai. Age Cymru Dyfed.WW2 Veterans Celebration. Myddfai. Age Cymru Dyfed

WW2 Veterans CelebrationWW2 Veterans Celebration at Myddfai

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