Campaign groups call for ceasefire in Gaza

The Wales groups of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign have joined the calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. We are urging members and supporters to write to their Senedd members to back these calls and an end to the siege of Gaza.

The group have issued the following statement: “We have urged this action in response to the unprecedented levels of violence against the Palestinian residents of Gaza. We ask that Welsh Senedd members express their voice in a public call to Israel and the UK Government to effect an immediate ceasefire and the restoration of water, food, medical/hygiene and fuel supplies to Gaza. Cutting off water, food and fuel is against international law.


“Article 55 of the Fourth Geneva Convention states that occupying powers are to provide food and medical supplies as necessary to the population and maintain medical and public health facilities.”

Betty Hunter, PSC Honorary President and member of Abergavenny PSC, says: “The call for an immediate ceasefire and lifting the siege is the only honourable one for people of conscience.

“We must no longer watch in silence as one of the most heavily armed countries in the world razes the homes of Gazans to the ground, killing the thousands of men, women and children buried underneath. We expect our Welsh politicians to make this call in the name of humanity.”


Senedd motion and statement of opinion

A motion ( has just come before the Senedd, as has a Statement of Opinion (, both of which call for an immediate ceasefire.


Upcoming events

Friday 27 October, 11am: Welsh Women for Gaza emergency vigil at Cardiff Central Station

Saturday 28 October: Llanidloes, vigil outside the Minerva Centre. Assemble 10.45am, vigil starts 11am and ends 12 noon.

Saturday 28 October, 12 noon: March for Palestine, starting at Westgate Hotel, Newport, NP20 1JN

Saturday 4 November. Acknowledging Israel’s Apartheid. Major conference on the situation in Palestine, organised by Amnesty International and Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Temple of Peace, Cardiff.

Events are happening very frequently, and it is difficult to keep you informed of all that is going on. You may find it useful to follow this page Palestine Events In Wales | Facebook

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