Changes to bus services in Ceredigion from September

SOME local bus services in Ceredigion will change from 01 September 2023.

The current contracts for the following routes are coming to an end on 31 August 2023:
T21 Aberystwyth – Pontrhydfendigaid – Tregaron
525 Aberystwyth – Ponterwyd (Llanidloes)
526 Aberystwyth – Penrhyncoch
585 Aberystwyth – Tregaron – Lampeter via Llanfair Clydogau, Llangeitho and Llanilar
588 Aberystwyth – Tregaron – Lampeter via Llangybi, Bethania and Llangwyryfon

A procurement process has been undertaken with a view of securing the best possible level of service moving forward. This takes into account and reflects the capacity within the local operator market and the funding available.

A summary of the situation as of 01 September 2023 is as follows:
The 526 service will remain unchanged.
The 525 service will be replaced by an amended X47 service.
There will be changes to the timetables for the T21, 585 and 588 services.

In addition to the above, there will be some changes to school related services as follows:

The YP24/T21 afternoon service will no longer serve Comins Coch
Fare paying passengers will no longer be able to travel on the former YP25/T21 morning and afternoon services between Aberystwyth and Ponthrydfendigaid (via Tyn-Y-Graig)

The timetables for the following services, which will come into effect on 01 September 2023, are attached.

T21 Aberystwyth – Pontrhydfendigaid – Tregaron T21 Medi 2023 T21 September 2023

X47 Aberystwyth – Ponterwyd (Llangurig) X47 Medi 2023 X47 September 2023

526 Aberystwyth – Penrhyncoch 526 Medi 2023 526 September 2023

585 Aberystwyth – Tregaron – Lampeter via Llanfair Clydogau, Llangeitho and Llanilar 585 Medi 2023 585 September 2023

588 Aberystwyth – Tregaron – Lampeter via Llangybi, Bethania and Llangwyryfon 588 Medi 2023 588 September 2023

Councillor Keith Henson, Cabinet Member for Highways and Environmental Services and Carbon Management, commented: “I would like to thank the local bus operators for working with us at this very difficult and challenging time for the industry. The level of service we will be able to provide makes the most of the available funding and reflects what the operators are willing and able to provide at this time.


“We continue to lobby the Welsh Government to increase funding for our rural bus services and provide transport for those who use buses regularly and those who can’t access private car use. However, moving forward, bus services will need to be well used on a regular and ongoing basis if they are to be environmentally as well as financially sustainable and viable.”

The level of service it is possible to provide at this stage is reflective of the financial support provided by the Welsh Government’s Bus Transition Fund. This is the latest intervention to support the bus industry as we move forward and away from the funding arrangements put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The above changes do not impact or influence the Welsh Government’s TrawsCymru services (T1, T1C, T1X, T2 or T5) or the 408 Cardigan Town Service, 552 Cardi Bach or Bwcabus that operate in Ceredigion or the local bus services that are provided on a commercial basis by operators (X28, 301, 304, 512, 522 or 6).


The new timetables will also available on Traveline Cymru: or by phoning 0800 464 0000.


Further travel opportunities may also be available through the Fflecsi Bwcabus Scheme, further details of which are available at or by phoning 0300 234 0300.


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