Councillors look set to back exceptions to new 20mph limits in Wales

SENIOR Pembrokeshire councillors are expected to back local exceptions to the soon-to-be-introduced 20mph limits in Wales.

The Welsh Government passed legislation last July which will see the speed limit on residential, built-up streets reduced from 30mph to 20 throughout Wales from September.

Welsh Government says the 20mph default speed limit is expected to result in 40 per cent fewer road collisions, save six to 10 lives every year and avoid 1,200- 2,000 people being injured.

Pembrokeshire County Council’s Cabinet, meeting on July 3, will consider a report of proposed exemptions to the legislation in the county.

Pembrokeshire County Council has proposed to retain 27 areas of the local road network as 30mph limits by ‘exception’.

“In some places, a 20mph speed limit will not be appropriate or feasible,” a report for members said, adding: “In these locations, the 30mph speed limit can remain on the basis of an ‘exceptions’ process, which will be introduced by way of Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO).”

Since the 27 exceptions are a variation to the primary Welsh Government legislation, the council needed to establish a legal order.

Public consultation on the proposed exceptions ran from May to June 7, with a total of 78 representations received.

The report to members said three options are available to Cabinet: Make the Order in its original format, make the Order, but with some minor alterations to reflect feedback from the consultation, or to not make the Order.

Referring to the last option, the report said: “This option is not considered viable: the primary legislation comes into effect on September 17 regardless, and without the exceptions, all the speeds would then be set at 20mph.”

It is recommended the second option is adopted, with the order being made.


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