Daughter reunited with Dad’s car after 40 year search

Some people look for lost love or  old flames online and some look for treasures from the past.

Janice Hollick from Brongest has been searching for her father’s car for the last 40 years and her perseverance has paid off.

The story of the car and the find is not that straight forward. As a child Janice was told that her father had gone to prison for murder. There was then  another man in the family home who she assumed was just a lodger or friend of her mother. The man was kind to Janice and when she was sixteen the other man in the home told her that he was in fact  her father.  By the time she was seventeen he offered her his prize possession a Wolesley 6/90. Janice turned the offer down opting for a smaller more modern car. It was something she was to think about for most of her life.

The Wolseley 6/90 is a car produced by Wolseley Motors Limited in the United Kingdom from 1954 to 1959. Announced on the first day of the October 1954 British Motor Show, the 6/90 replaced the 6/80 as the company’s flagship model. It was badged with Six-Ninety on the bonnet and with 6/90 on the boot lid.

By coincidence or luck, Janice met her husband when he visited the family home to rebuild the engine of her Dad’s car. They have been together ever since and they share a love of cars having accumulated a large number of cars to date.

Janice said that she believed that the car itself has a history having been used in films and on TV including a programme called ‘George Gently’. It was painted and signed up as a police car. After making appeals online on Facebook Janice was contacted by a man who told her that the car was advertised on ebay. Janice did not hesitate and contacted the dealer who agreed to sell it to her for £8,000.

After 40 years the car was transported from York on a lorry to Wales where Janice was able to be reunited with as she put it; “a little piece of her father’. What did she name the car? James of course after her father.

Listen to the full interview with Janice here.



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