Dumped ferrets found on the roadside search for homes this National Ferret Day

Ahead of this year’s National Ferret Day (2 April) RSPCA Cymru is calling on animal lovers to help spread the word to help find a group of ferrets forever homes.

It comes as the RSPCA reveals that since 2020 the animal welfare charity has received 2,510 calls in regards to ferret welfare and 882 of these related to abandonments.

RSPCA Llys Nini Branch has three sets of ferrets looking for homes – Ricardo and Roberto, Reggie, Rufus & Rupert and finally Wasabi and Luna. Ferrets are very sociable and ideally should be kept in pairs or groups.

Ricardo, Roberto, Reggie, Rufus and Rupert came into the branch’s Penllergaer animal centre almost a year ago after being found abandoned on the roadside at Pontlliw, Swansea.

Ricardo and Roberto are looking for a home together.

Centre manager Gary Weeks said: “Ricardo and Roberto are both very energetic and love to play and explore! They will certainly keep you entertained.

“At times they can be a little timid with loud noises, so will need a patient adopter who can continue to build their trust and confidence.”

Cheeky trio Reggie, Rufus & Rupert are looking for a home together.

Gary said: “The boys have bags of energy and are super playful, they love playing with their toys and tunnels causing mayhem! They will certainly keep you entertained with their individual quirks and personalities.

“Rufus is a gentle boy who loves to climb and explore. While Rupert is a friendly lad and like his brothers loves to play and jump about. He gets quite excited when you’re making his bed and will jump about trying to pinch his blanket from you!

“Reggie is the most timid of the three boys. Though his confidence and manners with his human companions are improving more and more!”

While adorable girls Wasabi and Luna are also looking for a home together.

Gary said: “They both came into us here at the centre separately and have been paired up together since.

“The girls have lots of energy and love climbing and playing! Wasabi and Luna will certainly keep you on your toes.

“They would like to be the only two ferrets as Luna is very protective over Wasabi. Wasabi can be a little unsure around people but the more she is handled and time spent with her this will improve. Whereas Luna is super cwtchy and gentle, she has already taught Wasabi a few manners.

RSPCA small animals expert Dr Jane Tyson said: “Sadly we are seeing an increase in many small animals coming into our care including ferrets and rabbits.

“We think this may be because new owners underestimate their complex needs, so we would always urge people to do their research before getting them.

“Ferrets can make wonderful pets and although they are misunderstood they are charming, cheeky, playful and inquisitive characters.

“Ideally they should be kept in pairs or groups as they’re very sociable. They can sleep for up to 20 hours a day but when they’re awake they’re very active and busy so they need lots of enrichment.”

Ferret factfile

Ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) belong to the carnivore family of the Mustelidae. Despite their rather misunderstood nature, they have recently become very popular pets for their charming and cheeky characters. Why not view our full Ferret factfile (PDF 44KB)

Ferrets enjoy exploring

Ferrets are very curious and will test out most items with their mouths.

Ferrets are sociable

Domestic ferrets are sociable and usually enjoy living in groups, although this does depend on the individual animals.

Ferrets like sleeping

A healthy ferret may sleep between 18 and 20 hours a day.

Ferrets use a range of methods to communicate

As well as using smell to hunt, ferrets use scent to communicate with each other.

Ferrets also use postures and vocalisations to indicate how they’re feeling.

You can find out more about the ferrets looking for homes on the Llys Nini website and read all the RSPCA advice and tips here.

To help the RSPCA continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in desperate need of care please visit our website or call our donation line on 0300 123 8181.

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