New Quay groups given opportunity to take over town’s former library and reading room

NEW Quay groups and organisations are to be asked if they want to take over the town’s former library and reading room.

Ceredigion County Council has been the trustee of the charitable trust ‘New Quay Library and Reading Room’ since 1958.

The trust owns the Uplands Square site for the benefit of New Quay residents.

The property became vacant in November 2021 when the volunteers running the library – New Quay Community Library – re-located to nearby New Quay Memorial Hall.

A public consultation was launched on the council’s website in February, asking the public whether they agreed with the proposed new purpose of the trust being ‘the advancement of education of the inhabitants of New Quay’, if not what alternative purpose they proposed, and then what use they would suggest the trust assets be put towards to achieve that purpose.

Members of Ceredigion County Council’s Charity Trustee Committee, meeting on June 29, heard 32 responses were received, two-thirds agreeing with the proposal to amend the purpose of the trust.

“As such, the trust can consider resolving to apply to the Charity Commission to change the purpose of the trust but it is recommended that this be delayed until the proposed use of the trust assets is clearer as it may be that Commission consent will be required for that too so it can all be done in one application,” members heard.

The report added: “Committee will need to be mindful that any future use will need to fall within the education purpose therefore it is unlikely that uses such as car parking, internet cafés, social housing, tourist information centre etc would be suitable.”

The building is no longer suitable for use and would require significant investment to bring it up to the required condition, members heard.

It is suggested the most economical solution would be demolition and development from bare land.

The trust holds just over £1,000, much of which is expected to be swallowed up by electricity disconnection costs.

“In any event, £1,015.84p would not be enough money to demolish and/or redevelop this site and therefore to move forward it is suggested to Committee that they consider asking the community of New Quay whether there is a group of individuals or an organisation who would be interested in taking on the site for an educational purpose and seeking grant funding to fund that use where necessary.”

Members of the committee agreed to ask the inhabitants of New Quay – through a forthcoming press release – whether any group or organisation is interested in taking on the trust site for educational purposes and seeking grant funding for that purpose.

A report will be brought back to a future committee.

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