North Wales Police to join in celebrating Response Policing week

THIS week, North Wales Police are joining forces across the country to celebrate the hard work, dedication, and resilience of response police officers.

Starting today (June 26th), Response Policing week recognises the vital role of our response officers who keep our communities safe to make North Wales the safest place to live, work and visit in the UK.

The role of a response police officer is unpredictable and challenging. They are always prepared to deal with any incident from being the first to a scene of a serious incident, diffusing confrontational situations, or supporting vulnerable people when they have been a victim of crime.

Superintendent Llinos Davies said: “Response officers play a crucial role in protecting and serving our communities.

“They routinely deal with some of the most challenging situations in society. They are frequently the first at the scene of an incident and are often the first and only contact that many people will ever have with the police.

“The purpose of Response Policing Week is to shine a light on the excellent work undertaken by response officers and to highlight the demanding, challenging and unpredictable situations they face on a daily basis.

“It is only right that our officers feel supported in the work they do, which is why we will also be highlighting wellbeing support available to them via the College of Policing and Oscar Kilo.

“The work that our Response Officers carry out is invaluable, sometimes in the face of great danger, so I am delighted that the role is being celebrated across the nation as well as here in North Wales.”

Keep an eye on the North Wales Police social media channels throughout the week where we will be shining the light on our response officers using #ResponsePolicingWeek.

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