Plans for new health and wellbeing hub in Cardiff could get underway this week

by Ted Peskett

Plans for a new health and wellbeing hub in Cardiff could be given the go ahead this week.

The hub, which has been proposed for land next to the Caerau and Ely Community Hub on Treseder Way, will replace the existing Park View Health Centre if the plans are approved.

It is hoped that the hub will provide a more integrated approach to healthcare for about 15,000 people in the west of Cardiff.

However, a number of concerns have been raised by members of the public, including the loss of green space if the plans are given the go ahead.

The two hectares of land that makes up the application site includes open space at Treseder Way Park and a children’s play area.

A petition objecting to the “loss of our green space for the building of the Health and Wellbeing Hub” has received 183 signatures.

There will be an overall loss of about 0.21 hectares of open space if construction of the health and wellbeing hub goes ahead.

Developers have pledged to replace and relocate the existing play park with a “higher quality modern” one in the remaining area of the park.

Other concerns remain, particularly in relation to the height of the building.

A representation from local ward councillors in the planning committee report on the hub states: “Whilst being genuinely supportive of the scheme and wanting the Wellbeing Centre to go ahead we are concerned at the site plan.

“We feel that the plans for 3 story buildings towards Treseder Way should and can be scaled back and/or moved towards the front of Hub or make use of the existing Parkview site.”

The same planning report adds that the height and separation of the proposed development from peoples’ homes means it is “not considered to be an overbearing and neighbourly form of development that would unreasonably harm the amenities of the existing residential properties”.

The proposed hub, which is a partnership project between Cardiff Council and Cardiff and the Vale University Health Board, will include a community dentist, nursing and mental health support, and staff accommodation.

If approved, the hub will be directly linked to the existing community hub.

Cardiff Council’s planning committee will meet to discuss the plans on Thursday January 12.

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