Plans for new lodge and caravan park for Porthcawl set to go before Bridgend Council

PLANS to develop a new lodge caravan park in Porthcawl look set to go before Bridgend council this year on a site based near the village of Nottage on Pyle Road.

The development, proposed by Nottage Leisure Group Ltd, could see up to 37 semi-permanent lodges, an office and services building developed on the land of an existing caravan site at Rooklands Leisure Park, which is currently open to campers, small motorhomes and camper vans.

The site which is located on a small, roughly triangular parcel of land off the A4229 Pyle Road, consists of a 1.6 hectare field, currently split into two parts for the camp-site and pasture land.

If given the go-ahead, plans say it would see the development and expansion of the existing caravan site to provide “a better and more modern tourist destination for the Nottage and Porthcawl area.”

The proposal suggest that once completed the lodges would be located around the perimeter of the site with an access road, with additional lodges located in the centre of the site looking onto the proposed roadway and a children’s play area.

The report read: “Asbri Planning Ltd. has been commissioned by Nottage Leisure Group Ltd to undertake pre-application consultation in respect of the full planning application for the proposed development of a lodge caravan site and associated works on land at Rooklands Leisure Park, Pyle Road, Porthcawl.”

Prior to a formal submission to the Local Planning Authority, the proposal will now be subject to pre-application consultation, with residents encouraged to have their say by contacting Asbri Planning Ltd by August 9, 2023.

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