Schools in Wales complete first stage of Careers Wales Quality Award

32 schools in Wales have successfully completed the first stage of the new Careers Wales Quality Award, including three schools in west Wales.

The award supports schools and settings with learners aged 3-16 with the development of purposeful and relevant careers and work-related experiences (CWRE) across the curriculum.

The schools are taking part in the pilot of the new award and are working closely with dedicated curriculum coordinators
from Careers Wales to develop a CWRE model that works best for the individual school and its pupils.

This stage forms the first of three stages, each with a different focus. Titled leadership, it forms the basis for
the required ongoing development of pupils’ careers learning.

Jeremy Miles, Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Energy & Welsh Language, said:

“Well done to all the schools taking part for their commitment to their pupil’s future career and work-related

“It’s so important for children and young people to learn about the different pathways available to them to ease
the transition from education to successful employment, and each school’s work-related experiences action plan will support this continuous development.

“We want to do everything we can to help our children and young people achieve their full potential. By developing
work related experiences across the curriculum our schools can support their learners to go on to play their full part in our economy and society.”

As part of the leadership stage, the schools have worked closely with Careers Wales to create an action plan, a vision
and strategy for CWRE, and have planned for the regular monitoring and review of this activity.

This stage has also seen the school identify the roles needed to facilitate effective development of CWRE and commit
to allocate sufficient resources.

Catherine Cooper, headteacher at Millbank Primary School in Ely, Cardiff, said: “Gaining Stage 1 of the Careers
Wales Quality Award has been a real achievement for us at Millbank, with great support and collaborative working with Careers Wales.

“The award complements our vision for high aspirations and achievement for all learners in our community. It has
helped us to map the provision for careers work related experiences across the school and allowed us to get to know our families further and find out more about the skills and experiences they have.

“We want our pupils to have the best possible experiences of work as they get older; to feel confident, capable
and successful- so working towards and gaining the award has really helped us to drive that vision forward.”

Nikki Lawrence, chief executive at Careers Wales, said: “A huge congratulations to all the schools who have completed
the leadership stage of the Careers Wales Quality Award.

“Each school’s commitment to the award illustrates their ongoing dedication to provide their pupils with high quality
careers and work-related experiences.

“Quality careers support equips young people with the vital skills, knowledge and resources to succeed, as well
as benefitting the local community and economy in Wales with a capable, confident and motivated future workforce.

“We look forward to progressing through the award process alongside the participating schools. Together, we will
achieve our shared objective to empower pupils with the ability to make informed decisions about their futures and take steps towards success.”

Following a successful pilot, the award has been designed to be launched nationally across Wales.

For more information on the award, visit the Careers Wales Quality Award pilot webpage.

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