Selfless siblings leave £1.3 million legacy to the Wales Air Ambulance

A kind-hearted brother and sister have generously gifted £1.3 million to Wales Air Ambulance – the largest legacy the Charity has ever received.

Charles Tryweryn Davies, 92, and Margaret Eunice Davies, 89, who was known as Peggy, of Tyn y Wern, Faerdref in Corwen, left most of their estate and wealth to the lifesaving Charity, while also ensuring their animals were looked after.

Born to Robert and Margaret Davies, the siblings grew up on the family farm with their six other siblings, Maldwyn, Ivor, Lois, Trebor, Jennie and Wmffre. They were well known in the village and farming community, being described as “local characters,” who lived for one another. Peggy passed away in November 2019, followed by Charles four months later.

The kind-hearted siblings dedicated their lives to the farm and entrusted their friends, Merfyn Roberts and Iolo Evans, to be executors of their Wills.

Charles, who was described as a “mischievous character” loved to collect clocks and Land Rovers, whilst Peggy enjoyed competing at the annual Cynwyd and Llandrillo gardening shows.

Speaking fondly of him, Merfyn said: “I remember Charles visiting me in my office, with his yellow corduroy trousers and dickie bow. He always had a glint in his eye. They both had a distinct style. I’ll never forget visiting Charles and Peggy after they purchased a brand-new state-of-the-art Mercedes, which they allowed the chickens to roost on the top of and make a mess of.

“Charles liked to think he was a weather expert and always had a theory about the weather and the signs to look out for when the seasons changed. We didn’t know what he was talking about, but it always used to make us smile.”

Iolo Evans, who was General Manager of Corwen Farmers for more than 50 years, said: “Charles and Peggy were different and very old fashioned but likeable people.

“They would come to my office to buy farming supplies and Charles would strike a deal and then nod to Peggy who would pull out a bag of money. They were quite comical and unique characters.
“Merfyn and I plan to donate a cup in Peggy’s memory at the gardening show.”

Peggy was always grateful to anybody who would show her or her sibling kindness.

Merfyn said: “I recall going to the house to help with cattle passports and being treated to a roast dinner as a thank you. Peggy had obviously put a lot of effort into the meal, and it was typical of her to repay a favour through a kind gesture.”

The “colourful characters” lived a simple and modest life and helped the local community by driving the school taxi. For many years Charles worked for Denbighshire Council on the highways and Peggy worked at home on the farm.
It is believed that the siblings chose to leave their legacy to the Wales Air Ambulance as a thank you to the Charity for attending Charles when he had an accident with a tractor on the farm.

Merfyn, National Farmers Union Area Secretary, said: “I remember Charles telling me about his accident and how grateful he was for the fantastic service he had received, but we didn’t know their intentions until after their deaths.

“It was good to see that Charles and Peggy had both agreed to bequeath most of their estate to the Charity – had we known, we would have encouraged them to meet the Charity and see how their legacy would help continue to save lives.

“It was pleasing to hear the legacy is the largest the Charity has received, and we hope it may encourage more of our members to also leave a gift.”

Legacies are a key source of income to the Charity. By leaving a gift, however big or small, it enables the Wales Air Ambulance to help save lives.

Phae Jones, Wales Air Ambulance’s Senior Individual Giving and Legacy Manager, said: “We are humbled by this incredibly generous donation, making it the largest legacy to have been left to the Charity. It is a shame that we never got to meet Charles and Peggy, but it is clear to see from their generosity and from hearing the stories about them, the type of characters they were.

“Choosing to include the Charity in their Wills is a very special way to be remembered and ensures that Charles and Peggy’s legacy to Wales will live on through the delivery of advanced critical care and saving the lives of others.

“Their gift will fund over 280 lifesaving missions. That’s over 280 patients and their families whose lives will be impacted by their extraordinary kindness.”

In their later years both Charles and Peggy spent time at Cysgod Y Gaer nursing home in Corwen.
Merfyn added: “We would like to thank the staff at Cysgod Y Gaer for looking after Charles and Peggy exceptionally well. I can only imagine how lost Charles would have been without Peggy.

“They are buried next to their brother, Ivor. On their headstone, they have ‘Rhoi eu hoes if ffermio’n gymen, Rhoi eu helw i elusen’, which translates to ‘they gave their lives to farming, they gave their profits to Charity,’ which I think summed them up nicely.”

A memorial bench in tribute to Charles and Peggy is planned in Llandrillo and it is hoped that their memory will live on in the community as well as through their generous donation to the Wales Air Ambulance, which requires £11.2 million every year to keep its helicopters and rapid response vehicles operational.

The Charity offers advanced critical care across Wales which is delivered via a unique Third Sector and Public Sector partnership between the Wales Air Ambulance Charity and the Emergency Medical Retrieval and Transfer Service (EMRTS Cymru).

Gifts in Wills are a key source of income for the charity, no matter how big or small, every gift makes a lifesaving difference. If you would like to know more or are interested in using the Charity’s free Will writing service, please email

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