Strike Postponement is Welcome Progress

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have welcomed the news that a number of strikes by healthcare workers in Wales have been postponed after an improved offer was tabled by the Welsh Government.

Commenting Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds said:

“It’s a welcome development to see these strikes postponed and hopefully with continued negotiations they can be halted altogether, but we will have to await the outcome of further negotiations.

“We have always argued that our healthcare staff need to be valued, not just with moral support but making sure they are valued financially. This is especially important if we are to solve the retention and recruitment crisis in the NHS.

“6 per cent however still sits below inflation and below the Scottish Government’s offer. No side will ever be 100% happy with the outcome in these negotiations, but it is important to try and reach a compromise.

“Looking towards the longer term we need to see the UK Conservative Government recognise when setting budgets, the additional financial pressures Wales has when it comes to healthcare, in particular the fact that Wales has an older and sicker population than other parts of the UK, in part due to the legacy of industrial activity.”


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