The principle is fine, but re-thinking the detail of 20mph legislation implementation would garner more public support says Plaid Cymru Leader

The Welsh Government should press ahead with reviewing the impact of the new default 20mph restrictions throughout Wales, following the Plaid Cymru amendment that was passed in the Senedd last week (13/9/23), as well as reviewing the guidelines that Local Authorities have been asked to follow.


Plaid Cymru Leader, Rhun ap Iorwerth MS, argued that helping Local Authorities by empowering them to review and make further exemptions to some roads in a way which makes sense in that area, as well as providing the funding required to deliver that, could ease some public concerns about the proposals.


Rhun ap Iorwerth said:


“The debate surrounding the 20mph legislation has been heated on both sides.


“Trading blows on Twitter will not allow us to move on in a sensible manner which balances safety with local needs.


“I want to see the Labour Welsh Government acting on the Plaid Cymru amendment which was supported by the Senedd last week, empowering communities to review and make further exemptions to roads in areas where that makes sense, but also taking immediate steps to review the actual guidelines which allow Local Authorities to make those exemptions.


“Councils nationwide should have more flexibility – for example, their ability to make exemptions should not be limited to A roads and B roads only.


“There are legitimate points on both sides of the debate, but we are now seeing some engaging in bad faith.


“I support the principle of introducing lower limits where they’re needed, but they need to work on the detail to garner more public support for this change so that fewer lives are lost on our roads each year.”

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