“Time for Wales to benefit fully from renewable energy” says Plaid Cymru, as British Gas announces record profits

RESPONDING to the news that British Gas have reported record half year profits of £969m, Plaid Cymru spokesperson for the economy, Luke Fletcher MS said:

“That an energy company can report record profits while household bills are soaring will be a cruel blow for too many households struggling to make ends meet in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis.

“The system is truly broken: bills are rising while wages are falling, and the reality is that even with two incomes, many households have had to rely on food banks and the kindness of strangers. Meanwhile, big companies are able to make bumper profits. This is the reality of Sunak’s Britain – and Tory-lite Starmer offers little alternative.

“No worker deserves to be left using a foodbank, deserves to be left poring over every single pound and penny to decide if they can afford to heat their homes while companies are raking in profits on an astronomical scale.

“Wales is a nation rich in renewable energy resources. The time must come for Wales to benefit fully from the value of what we produce and export. The long-term solution must include placing control of energy in the hands of the people of Wales – which includes developing management of the Crown Estate and enabling community energy schemes to realise their full potential by playing a central role in the just transition to net zero and the green revolution.”

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