Welsh Liberal Democrats respond to Labour voting down Independent COVID Inquiry

Responding to Welsh Labour again voting down calls for an independent COVID inquiry in Wales, Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds MS said:

“It is really disappointing that Labour Senedd Members could not do the right thing today and ensure that Wales gets a covid inquiry that fully takes into account decision-making made in Wales during the pandemic.

“Their decision will leave bereaved families extremely disappointed, the COVID-19 Bereaved Famalies for Justice have already stated they don’t want a proper examination of Wales to be kicked into the long grass.

“This decision will also leave Welsh democracy weaker, if you support powers being held in the Senedd in Wales then you should support scrutiny being carried out into the use of those powers.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats will continue to call for decision-making in Wales to be fully examined so we can learn comprehensively from the experiences of the pandemic.”

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