Time extension for works with offshore wave power in Pembrokeshire put to national park planners

A FURTHER time extension for works associated with the development of Pembrokeshire offshore wave power has been made to national park planners.

Back in 2018, green energy company Bombora announced it was to build and test a 1.5 megawatt wave energy converter in the county’s seas.

The cigar-shaped mWave equipment is 60 metres long and sits on the seabed where it can access 80 per cent of the wave’s energy without being exposed to its destructive power.

Bonbora Wavepower Europe Ltd had previously been granted permission, in 2019, for works near Angle airfield associated with the development of the wave power generation device at nearby East Pickard Bay.

The onshore control station works included the temporary siting of communications cables and the siting of shipping containers and other associated works.

An extension to the permitted timescale for the site was granted in 2022, and Bombora Wavepower Europe Ltd has now applied to Pembrokeshire Coast National Park planners for a further period of grace.

A supporting statement says: “Since the previous extension request in August 2022, we have unfortunately been experiencing difficulties finding the balance of funding for the completion of the project.

“We have been continuing with the construction of the mWave wave energy device, but were lacking the funding to complete the marine deployment. The device is undergoing some final tests at Mainstay in Pembroke Dock and then will be transported to Quay 1 at Pembroke Port for final assembly and testing prior to deployment.

“In terms of the consented works undertaken to date, we have installed the conduit for the onshore cable, dressed the access track and laid the surface for the control station. We intend to undertake the remainder of the works (the installation of the control station and the installation of the onshore cable) in Q1/Q2 2024.”

Bonbora has asked for a further one-year extension, to October 2024, in order to be able to complete the project.

The application will be considered by national park planners at a later date.

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