Brand-new Pendine facility aimed to maximise Pendine Heritage

Pendine Facility

THE construction of a brand-new attractor facility in Pendine has been
completed, as constructors, Andrew Scott have handed the property over
to Carmarthenshire County Council, in time for its opening in Spring

The project, born out of extensive community engagement and
consultation, includes the development of indoor and outdoor
high-quality, year-round, visitor destination facilities. Its aim is to
maximise Pendine’s heritage and its natural assets to drive forward the
resort’s future economic regeneration as a ‘day and stay’ event

Amongst the visitor attractions [1] that will open at the brand-new
facility is a new Museum of Land Speed; a new Beach Sand Sports Area; an
events area; a playground; a 43-bed accommodation offer, named ‘Caban’,
and an enhanced and expanded car parking area. A 10-berth motorhome
facility, which will be developed by Pendine Community Council, is also
included in the wider masterplan.

The project will deliver an additional economic boost to the regional
economy. It has received funding of £3m through the European Regional
Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the Welsh Government’s Tourism
Attractor Destination Scheme; £1.5m from Visit Wales Targeted Match
Funding from Welsh Government; and the balance match funded by
Carmarthenshire County Council.

Working alongside Pendine Community Council, Carmarthenshire County
Council’s Leisure Division will manage the overall site. Work is now
underway by the local authority to furbish the tourist and leisure
facility before a recruitment campaign for staff will commence over the
coming weeks.

Once opened, the Pendine Attractor Project will accommodate
approximately 41 jobs and 4 small to medium enterprises. It is
anticipated it will attract significant day visitors and night stays and
be able to host major events, bringing in additional economic benefits
to the area.

Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Leisure, Culture and Tourism, Cllr.
Gareth John said: “I would like to thank Andrew Scott Construction for
their excellent work in delivering this attractor facility to us and for
the high standard it has been built.

“We have now started the work of furbishing the buildings and installing
the indoor and outdoor facilities which will make the Pendine Attractor
a must-visit place for people to visit, from near and far.

“Over the coming weeks, we will start recruiting staff to work here, so
please keep an eye out for exciting career opportunities within the
tourism sector.

“We are working very hard to open the facility in the Spring of 2023 and
you will certainly hear more from us about the development of this
exciting project over the coming months.”

Carmarthenshire County Council will commence recruiting staff to work at
the Pendine Attractor over the coming weeks.

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