Cannabis farm worth over £260K discovered in Bangor, three men jailed

THREE men have been jailed following the discovery of an industrial-scale cannabis factory in Bangor.

Bedri Elezi, 36, Fabjol Mucaj,21, and Agron Aruci, 30, appeared at Caernarfon Crown Court today, September 25th, each charged with being concerned in the production of a controlled class B drug.

Bedri Elezi was sentenced to two years imprisonment.

Fabjol Mucaj was sentenced to one year and 10 months imprisonment.

Agron Aruci was sentenced to one year and 10 months imprisonment.

On Wednesday March 22nd at approximately 5am, police attended an unused building on Bangor High Street following suspicious activity in the area.

On arrival, it was discovered that the four-storey building had been fully adapted to allow for the cultivation of cannabis plants on an industrial scale.

In total, over 500 plants and cuttings were found, with an estimated resale value of up to £266,000.

Detective Inspector Richard Griffith said: “We continue to target individuals who seek to bring drugs into the communities of Gwynedd.

“We listen and respond to all information and concerns around suspected cannabis farms in the area.

“If you see, hear or smell any of the tell-tale signs, come forward directly or anonymously and we will investigate reports thoroughly.”

If you have any information about drugs in your area, contact police via our website, by calling 101 or report anonymously via Crime Stoppers.

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