Man sent to prison for assaulting two partners in the span of a few months

A 28-year-old man has been sent to prison for almost three years after assaulting two different partners in the space of a few months.

Lewis Symons in custody

On Thursday, March 28, Lewis Symons from Caerau, Ely in Cardiff was sentenced at Cardiff Crown Court to 33 months in prison.


Following sentencing, Police Constable Ajmal Abdoolla said: “These were very distressing experiences for both victims. I want to pay tribute to them for coming forward and providing the evidence which resulted in the guilty verdicts in Court.


“Symons will now have plenty of time in prison to reflect upon his crimes and the harm he has caused to his victims.


“Domestic abuse can affect anyone regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, sexuality, or social background.

“We recognise it takes courage and bravery to speak out and that seeking help can be daunting.

“You can report to South Wales Police, or, if you’re not ready to speak to the police, you can contact support organisations who will help you.”

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