South Wales Police highlight their commitments to equality and diversity

South Wales Police has a strong commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and we all want our staff, officers, and volunteers to feel represented and supported.


October is Black History Month (BHM), and we are continuing to raise awareness, celebrate and showcase black history.


We are proud to have a vibrant range of staff associations and networks to support not only those who work for South Wales Police but also supporting us as an organisation, helping the decisions we make.


Here the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team shine a spotlight on some of the networks we have and how they are connected to and celebrate Black, Asian and other minority ethnic (BAME) diversity, culture and heritage.


Christian Police Association (CPA)

The Christian Police Association is the oldest staff associations in policing in the UK, and in SWP. It is a National Charity comprised of local branches in the individual forces. Their aim is to promote and support all Christians in the police force, as well as our colleagues within the policing family. This is regardless of race or background.


Working with the Police Chaplaincy service to support police officers and staff for spiritual health and to promote events and religious festivals. They work with Police across the world through the International Christian Police Fellowship. They are there to be a bridge between the police and the diverse communities we serve. The CPA is partnered with several charities and organisation involved with social action in communities throughout the UK. Coming from a belief that all people are valued and are valuable, they work to help with creating policies for greater inclusion and representation within the force.


The National Women of Colour in Policing (WoCiP)

The National Women of Colour in Policing UK group was officially launched in December 2022 and is a national group with regional sub-groups. The aim is to focus on addressing the lack of representation of Women of Colour in Policing (officers, staff, and the wider policing family) and seeks to share lived experiences and a true understanding of the barriers to development and progression. The group seeks to amplify the voice and position of Women of Colour in Policing. The group aims to increase to engage, support and increase confidence amongst our colleagues through an effective and vibrant network. Their mantra is ‘we are stronger together’ with the vision and hope to increase awareness and representation within all police forces.

The Gender Equality Network (GEN)
The Gender Equality Network’s focus is to be approachable and inclusive, creating a supportive network for all colleagues working across the Force. GEN’s primary focus is supporting Officers and staff who identify as female with female-specific issues such as pregnancy and maternity, menopause, female under-representation in certain roles and ranks. The ongoing projects of the GEN fall under separate workstreams which include maximising potential, wellbeing, and Men’s Health. The Gender Equality Network engages closely with other networks to maximise inclusivity and have links to, and collaborate with, the International Association for Women in Policing and the Black Police Association.


The South Wales Association of Muslim Police (SWAMP)
The South Wales Association of Muslim Police, or “SWAMP,” has been formed to provide a support network for our Muslim colleagues across the force. Their aim is to build a connection with the wider community by promoting a greater understanding of Islam to contribute to community cohesion and enhancing the safety for everyone. The association provides a forum for Muslims within SWP and supports their religious and welfare needs, with a view to improving their working environment, as well as, promoting equal opportunities for all.


The Neurodiversity Network (Nd)
The Neurodiversity Network was formed to raise awareness of Neurodiversity within South Wales Police and to be a point of support for Neurodivergent colleagues and colleagues who may be carers for individuals with Neurodiverse conditions, as well as colleagues who wish to engage with the Network as allies. It aims to increase awareness so that members can come to work and feel supported and understood. It does this by providing one to one support and carries out a range of webinars, catch ups, inputs for other teams and departments around the neurodivergent conditions and reasonable adjustments. The network also signposts access to support for officers and staff as well as line managers regardless of race.

LGBT+ Network
The Wales LGBT+ Police Network was created to support the LGBT+ people working within Welsh policing. Its aims are to promote a safe space for officers and staff to bring their authentic selves into the workplace and access specialist support when needed, building a community. It also acts as a critical friend to the organisation in helping create supportive policies, providing community insight and encouraging best practice within the organisation to assist with improving the way in which we police LGBT+ people within Wales and support our own workforce.


The Network also help to create a positive relationship with the wider community to help improve relations with the police service. The Network collaborates with other staff support networks across Wales and the UK to improve the experience of policing minority groups within the LGBT+ community, such as Trans or non-binary people, Bi people and LGBT+ people from ethnic minority backgrounds who have traditionally not had a voice within the LGBT+ policing arena.


South Wales Black Police Association (SWBPA)
South Wales Black Police Association aims to make South Wales a safer and more peaceful place, where the public, especially those who are young, vulnerable or from minority ethnic communities, have a high degree of confidence in their police.

The association seeks to improve the working environment of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff within South Wales by enhancing the quality of service provided to its diverse communities. By providing a support network for all ethnic minority members of staff and striving to improve relationships between the police and communities, the association will play a positive role in supporting internal staff members, and externally supporting all communities within South Wales.

The Disability Support Network (DSN).
The Disability Support Network (DSN) is there for anyone with a disability, those who have caring responsibilities or other connections to those with issues due to their disability. The DSN operates on a rights-based approach that promotes understanding of the Social Model of Disability, rather than the Medical Model which means it is trying to dismantle the ‘Attitudinal’, ‘Institutional’ and ‘Environmental’ barriers that prevent disabled people from fully participating in society.


The network is trying to get us all to think more positively about disability by focussing on what an individual ‘can do’ rather than ‘what they can’t do’.


You can find out more about the networks and associations within South Wales Police here.


To view our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion click here.

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