Why is this so nice?

Children ask so many questions. It is usually when they are curious or want to find a solution to a problem or make sense of the world.

Today was not a school day, there were no problems to solve and the world made perfect sense.

I took the family for lunch at the Red Lion in Llandyfaelog. We don’t get out much so this was a best bib and tucker event with Grandma invited to come along. I had read the reviews on Google and most it seemed gave 5 stars. You always get the one who is never satisfied with anything and unfortunately they tend to stand out by trolling wherever they can


The Red Lion is a family run business, which provides a lot of people with employment. The pub is located in a lovely rural valley with a picture postcard church and lovely Welsh cottages lining the road.

The pub itself is impressive from the outside and sits in the heart of the village.

As we arrived we could see it was busy just from the number of cars lining the road. We did not mind going a little further out of the village to park and walk to the pub.

As we entered we were greeted with the sound of families conversing and the bustle of staff taking plates full of food to and fro. We were immediately met at the bar by a friendly member of staff who showed us to our table.

The décor was Christmasy and cosy. There was a fair selection of wines, real ales and bottled beer and plenty of soft drinks for those who rather not partake.

It wasn’t long before we were presented with a menu with a great selection of food. Christmas lunch was the only thing that we were interested in. We opted for a mix of turkey and beef and a vegetarian nut roast for our one vegetarian guest.

Drinks were brought to the table and within a short space of time the plated hot food arrived too. It was lovely to actually see the food not a mound plonked on a plate. Tureens with hot vegetables and gravy boats were added to the table and one could help ones self to as much of that as one could manage. We are small eaters and so this was a perfect option.

There followed a few minutes of silence as the family tucked in. The noises and approving looks were enough for me to declare that the food was excellent. Before long the table was awash with empty plates. Not a scrap of food was left.

It was time to select a pudding. Again the choice was wonderful. Apple crumble and custard or cream, ice cream, Crème Brûlée, cheesecake and Christmas pudding with brandy sauce. We each chose something different so it was a good measure by which to judge the puddings.

Again there was a period of silence which was broken by my ten-year-old daughter asking the question ‘Why is this so nice’? She was referring to her bowl of ice cream. Now there are ice creams and ice creams and my daughter can be considered to be a good judge on this matter. Her question was left unanswered but I expect she drew her own conclusions. This was the Red Lion Llandyfaelog and when you dine there you get a five star service with five star food.

http://redlionllandyfaelog.co.uk/ To book Tel 01267 267530

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