Royal Welsh Show to continue during summer holidays

The Royal Welsh Agricultural Show will continue to happen in the school summer holidays during this Senedd term.

The RWAS is still awaiting clarification regarding the situation in the long term. It is not yet clear if the Government will re-consult on the structure of the school year during the next Senedd term or implement any changes at that time.

The Show’s supporters have never objected to the Government consulting on the structure of the school year. Their ask was that any changes did not harm the event.

The Welsh Government consultation on the structure of the school year, had meant that the Royal Welsh Show was in danger of having to happen whilst Welsh schools remained open. The RWAS feared this would prevent children and families from attending, and that this in turn, would jeopardise the show’s future.

As the Government has now announced that they will not be going ahead with their plans to shorten the summer holidays at the moment, Welsh schools as a result, will be closed as usual while the show is on.

Welcoming the news Aled Rhys Jones, RWAS Chief Executive said, “If our Show had been forced to happen whilst Welsh children were still at school, its future viability would be in question. It’s the biggest event of its kind in Europe and contributes massively to Welsh culture and the economy.

With pupils now free to attend the Show, we can continue to provide them with the same valuable extra-curricular experiences and opportunities which we have always done. We can continue to be partners in educating our young people.”

Chair of the RWAS Council, Nicola Davies added, “We are extremely grateful to all our members for voicing their objection to the Government’s consultation.

Their response proved that our festival is one that is appreciated by town and country residents alike. No-one will now be deprived the opportunity to attend the show, and the show will not be deprived its part in developing a prosperous Wales. But should the show’s existence be questioned again in the future, we’re confident that our loyal members would mount a further protection campaign.”

The Royal Welsh Agricultural Show will be held between July 22nd and 25th 2024 at the showground in Llanelwedd.


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